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Forensic Psychotherapy


Reyna Gutierrez is a multi-dimensional Forensic Psychotherapist in Denver, Colorado. Serving as a highly personalized provider for Individual therapeutic and evaluation needs, offering Forensic Psychotherapy in combination with ongoing client management at a higher personal and individual level. Reyna's holistic methodology works by analyzing and assessing specific areas of need, identifying critical gaps, and working comprehensively towards implementing solutions to create an indelible lasting personal change. 

                            Forensic psychotherapist                                                                          Reyna Gutierrez, MA, SOMB, NLC    

                            Forensic psychotherapist

                                                                       Reyna Gutierrez, MA, SOMB, NLC


Reyna Gutierrez is Registered Forensic Psychotherapist, with the State of Colorado, focusing on providing specialized professional therapeutic services. 

A professional clinical approach comes through diverse training and intense specialization within the criminal justice field. Reyna Gutierrez is knowledgeable, sensitive and appreciative of cultural differences, which puts her at an advantage when working with various cultures.




Forensic therapy is the application of assessments and intervention services within legal settings and/or legal matters. Individual, Couples, Family and Group services are available. 

Detailed descriptions of services and associated forms can be found through the Connect link on the menu bar. Forensic Psychotherapy services are provided in both English and Spanish. 


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