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Forensic Psychotherapy


Reyna Gutierrez is a multi-dimensional Forensic Psychotherapist in Denver, Colorado. Serving as a highly personalized provider for Individual therapeutic and evaluation needs, offering Forensic Psychotherapy in combination with ongoing client management at a higher personal and individual level. Reyna's holistic methodology works by analyzing and assessing specific areas of need, identifying critical gaps, and working comprehensively towards implementing solutions to create an indelible lasting personal change. 



1:1 Image Development & social media


Level 1 image development

Style Profiling Session

This marks the beginning of the exciting process. We talk about your goals – socially and professionally – and how to best represent yourself to get there. We language how you want to be perceived, how to effectively portray this and how we can make your image moving forward work for you at work and away from work.

Level 2 image development

Wardrobe Edit

We arm ourselves with all the information we learnt in the Style Profiling Session to shape your wardrobe. The end result; opening up to a newly organized wardrobe space with the confidence that every single garment, accessory and pair of shoes in there work for you. We then create a list of the gaps in your wardrobe that we need to fill.

Level 3 image development

VIP Shopping

With our mission list in hand from the Wardrobe Edit, we set out on a mission to find the key pieces missing in your wardrobe to make it as versatile as possible, and bring your image of success to life. The “hard work” is taken out of the process for you as pre-shopping will be done before you arrive – fitting rooms of clothes shortlisted from various stores will be ready to us to experiment with.

Level 4 Image Development

Wardrobe integration

Now we integrate the new garments into your wardrobe and create all your outfit combinations. As we’re proud “Queens of Mixing and Matching”, we’ll show you how easy it is to create so many different looks from one garment, that will easily take you from work to play.


Level 5 Image Development

Look Book
Enter, your new best friend (our clients love this). All the outfits we create in the Wardrobe Integration session are photographed and your very own electronic Style Guide is created. Save it on your phone or iPad and all you’ll need to do each morning is flick through, choose your outfit and go!


Professional Skincare & Make-up Tutorial:

With so many beauty tips out there, it’s challenging to narrow in on what works for you without a lot of trial and error, and frustrating purchases. This session brings it back to basics and shows you the step by step process of what exactly works for your skin type and individual facial features, so it all compliments your new image.

professional haircare tutorial

(Session is conducted by our Hair Care Specialist)

ongoing 3 month image mentoring

You will have access to Reyna via email and phone to discuss outfits and gain any further needed advice – what to pack for your trip? What to choose to wear for presentation at a vendor exhibit,  public speaking or work conference? Which outfit for the photoshoot or interview? We’ve got your back.


The use of social media and other Internet platforms to define your personal and professional goals and interests is a key component in building your Personal Brand.  In addition to branding yourself, social media allows you to connect with other like-minded individuals through way of networking.

Style is about being more yourself
— Oscar de la Renta

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